We offer a number of opportunities to grow in your faith for adults. Check out the options below for more information and to find a place to connect and nurture your faith among good folks!


Every Sunday following worship and our Coffee & Tea Fellowship we have Community Groups for all ages-Young Adults (20-34), Middle Adults (34-54) and Senior Adults (55 and up). Our Community Groups are centered around prayer for one another and reflecting and acting upon what we have heard and experienced in worship that day.


A few times a year we feature book studies that look at various aspects of our faith. Often these meet at someone's home, and have an online conversation as well. Past studies have been "The Powers That Be", "Learning to Walk in the Dark" and "The Greatest Gift" and others.


We have sponsored and hosted community workshops as well, on everything from "Faith at Home" about cultivating spiritual practices in your home to a Caregiving Workshop on how to care for and attend to aging parents and the chronically ill. These are open to the entire community and are great first points of engagement for many in our neighborhood.