Join us for our new sermon series where we will look at "Lies My Pastor Told Me" and challenge many of the assumptions and teachings of the American Christian church as we have inherited it. Join us for an inspiring, insightful time time of worship each Sunday in January at 10am and join us for community group discussion following the service as we explore how to move from the lies we have inherited into the truth-telling way of God.



January 3- "You've heard it said 'You were born in sin" but I tell you 'You are a child of God'"

January 10-"You've heard it said "God only accepts your best' but I tell you were created in wholeness"

January 17- "You've heard it said 'Heaven is my home' but I tell you 'Build the Kingdom here, on Earth"

January 24- "You've heard it said 'The Bible is literally true' but I tell you 'The Word of God is living."

January 31- "You've heard it said your prosperity is tied to a number but I tell you your worth is intrinsic."

February 7- "You've heard it said 'God doesn't like people who...' but I tell you Jesus stands with those who are excluded"