"Hard Times Require Furious Dancing"- Pastor Jen Lyon

"Still Speaking"- Pastor Brandon Maxwell

"Showing Hospitality"-Pastor Rebecca Weems

"Could We Start Again Please?" - Pastor Trey Lyon

"Dear Church People"-Pastor Jen Lyon

"Dear Church People"-Pastor Lanta Carroll

"Dear Church People"-Pastor Rebecca Weems

"Dear Church People"-Pastor Henra Chennault

"Dear Church People"-Pastor Trey Lyon

Dear Church People-Pastor Brandon Maxwell

Hope-Pastor Lanta Carroll

Total Eclipse of the Heart-Pastor Jen Lyon

"Fix You"- Pastor Trey Lyon

"Q.U.E.E.N." -Leea Allen

"You Will Be Found"- Pastor Rebecca Weems

"Let's Get It Started"- Jake Myers

"Heavy Love"- Pastor Henra Chennault

"Strength, Courage and Wisdom"-Artist-In-Residence Darci Jaret

"When The Spirit Breaks Out"- Pentecost- Pastor Lanta Carroll

"Radical Hospitality"- Pastor Rebecca Weems

"The Story of Faith"- Pastor Brandon Maxwell

"This Is My Song"- Pastor Trey Lyon

"Claiming Our Story"- Pastor Lanta Carroll

"This Is My Story"-Pastor Jen Lyon

"Jesus Is Alive"-An Easter Choreo-Sermon

"Blessed Is The One"-Palm Sunday 2017-Pastor Brandon Maxwell

"Dry Bones"-Lent 2017-Pastor Rebecca Weems

"Walk in the Light"-Lent 2017-Pastor Lanta Carroll

"What Are You Doing Here?"-Lent 2017- Pastor Jen Lyon

"Avoiding a Wilderness Mindset"- Lent 2017- Pastor Henra Chennault

"Into the Woods"-Lent 2017-Pastor Trey Lyon