"Enemy Love"- Pastor Lanta Carroll

"Covenant Love"- Pastor Trey Lyon

"Community Love"- Pastor Henra Chennault

"Jonah: When God Isn't On Your Side"-Ministry Resident Ian Campbell

"Amos: Seek the Lord and Live"-Pastor Brandon Maxwell

"Habbakuk-Wait For It"- Pastor Jen Lyon

"Jeremiah-Trapped"-Pastor Rebecca Weems

"Amos: God's Plumb Line"-Pastor Trey Lyon

God of Solidarity-Pastor Lanta Carroll

Advent 3-Magnificat Service of Art & Creativity

Advent 2-Peace- Pastor Jen Lyon

Advent 1-Hope-Pastor Trey Lyon

"God of Solidarity"-Pastor Lanta Carroll

"We The People"-Pastor Henra Chennault

"Salvation Redefined"-Pastor Rebecca Weems

Body Talk 5-"You Are Not Alone"-Pastor Trey Lyon

Body Talk 4-"That Which Defiles"-Pastor Henra Chennault

"Body Talk #3- Seeing Ourselves"- Pastor Lanta Carroll

"Body-Talk #2- Fearfully, Wonderfully"- Pastor Brandon Maxwell

"Body Talk #1- The Word Became Flesh"- Pastor Jen Lyon